Please read our policies.


Cancellation policy


If you are canceling your reservation after booking was processed there is $25.00 processing fee do to charges associated with credit card acceptance.


If you are canceling with in 10 days of arrival there is $100.00 cancellation fee.

If you are canceling with in 7 days of scheduled arrival the charge is 50% of full fee.

If you are canceling 3 days or less of scheduled arrival there will be full charge applied.



Other polices


No children under 10 are allowed in the hot tub (because of water temperature it is not safe)

Adults with heart condition or high blood pressure should not use hot tub.

No children with out adult supervision are allowed on back patio.

No children under 18 to be left on the property with out adult supervision.

Pets are to be on the leash if walked off the property.

If pet is not house trained please crate them when you are going out.

We are not responsible for any injures that occur on the property.



Thank you for your cooperation.

We want everyone to have a pleasant stay with out any unpleasant incidents.